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Welcome to my place on the 'net. My name is Brian Greenwood, and this is my play web site.

My interests are photography, computers, planes, trains, automobiles, ships - and some other stuff as well. The car section is mainly the trials and tribulations of owning an old english sports car.

I would also like to share the story of my daughters, one of whom has a condition called West's Syndrome.


PLEASE NOTE: I retain copyright on all images and material on this site.
Contact me: me@brians-place.com.nospam (remove the ".nospam")






Copyright (c) 2015 Brian Greenwood.


Recent updates

September 2015 - Some minor corrections on the AB Locomotive page and My Railway photos

My Flying
A minor update on my flying and aircraft activities
*UPDATED* April 2015 - Now with video!

1/64 NZR Wa Class
1/64 NZR Ab Class
Fresh photos of my 1/64 "JG Models" Wa and Ab
*UPDATED* December 2013

Ab Class References Trying to locate a photo of a particular Ab? My table of published photos may help.
*NEW* November 2013

The NZR Ab Class
My tribute to the NZR's maid of all, the Ab Class Steam Locomotive.
*Updated* October 2013

My Flying
I bought an aeroplane!
*Updated* August 2013

Classic Fighters Omaka 2013
Another fantastic airshow
*NEW* May 2013

Mosquito Launch Spectacular
The beautifully restored De Havilland Mosquito, KA114, was displayed at Ardmore before being exported to the USA.

Railway Photography
Page one
, Page two
First pages of my Railway-related photography