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Warbirds over Wanaka 2000 
Continued from Page two of Warbirds over Wanaka 2000

Along with the Hurricane, the other stars of the show were the Polikarpov I-153 Biplanes. There were three of these wee beasties, and what amazing machines they are. I want one! (OK, the shopping list is getting quite long now, and the joke has worn thin) They are technically more advanced than the I-16's (powered undercarriage retraction, that sort of thing) and turn on a dime. 



Red 10 is the I-153 that had a slight accident before the 1998 show and was therefore unable to fly. Good to see it in the air in 2000.


  Seven Polikarpovs!

Where else can you see 3 I-16's and three I-153's? What a privilege!

This I-153 is in Chinese Nationalist markings.

Polikarpov I-153 in Chinese Nationalist markings


Polikarpov I-16  

I got a reasonable spot near the end of the active runway on Sunday, the Polipads are great to watch landing.

New kid on the block for 2000, as far as I-16's go, was the sixth to be restored. It's Spanish civil war markings looked quite different to the standard Soviet ones.

  The airfield attack sequence at the end of the Saturday and Sunday shows is always worth seeing. :-)
Wanaka 2000 airfield attack


  Wanaka 2000 Airfield attack Here's looking forward to Warbirds over Wanaka 2002. Thanks to all of those involved in making this year's event so enjoyable.

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