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Warbirds over Wanaka 2002

Please Note: I retain full copyright on all images on this page. Please e-mail me if you wish to use them. It is a condition of entry to Wanaka that commercial use of any images must be with the express permission of the organisers. I would suggest that the Alpine Fighter Collection or the NZ Fighter Pilots Museum would be a good place to start. I have no connection to, nor claim to represent, any of the organisations involved in the Airshow. I would, however, express my grateful thanks to them!

Polikarpov I-153  
Here's the Polikarpov I-153 taxiing back in after the opening sequence. The streamers can be seen attached to the wingtips. As I mentioned above, the opening sequence was very fast, and very exciting!


Polikarpov I-16


  Plokarpov I-153
White 23 was the only I-153 flying for the show. There was another one (the silver one from memory) in the hanger. Both types of Polikarpov are incredibly noisy and very maneuverable, but the I-153 could turn the tightest. It sounds as though it's somewhat more civilised to land as well.
  Hurricane against the clouds
Grumman F4-F short finals  
The Wildcat whistles in on short finals. It is very attractive little aeroplane, I can see why the Royal Navy were keen on them.



  Dust is a bit of a problem at Wanaka, but only if you get very close! Wish I had Canon L-Series lenses
F4-F in the dust
  Sea Fury fly by
Sea Fury touch down


  lLockheed 12 Electra Junior


lLockheed 12 Electra Junior

  Hunter The Hunter is truly a beautiful aeroplane, is it the world's prettiest jet? I like the Vulcan and the Skyray too (talking purely asthetics here) plus some of the MiGs... Sea Hawk?
Fighter formation


  Red Checkers

Johnny Checkitts and Jack Stafford


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