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Warbirds over Wanaka 2004 
Continued from Page 1 of Warbirds over Wanaka 2004

Is there anything that sounds more beautiful than a Merlin at full take off power?



The Hurricane takes a lot more work to restore than a P51 or Spitfire... it's truly wonderful to see this aircraft in the air.





Hawker Hurricane



Nice to see a Hurricane with the original exhaust stacks, most seem to be flying with the later multiple (six?) type.



  I hope somebody got a better shot of these two thoroughbreds, being a family reunion and all.


  Hawker Hurricane close up Here's a close up of the Hurricane's cockpit, showing interesting details such as the exhaust stack shapes, the gun sight, tubular windscreen frame, hand hold, handle on the inside of the canopy, rear view mirror - modellers take note that this is an early Mk I that was converted to a Mk II, and restored to that configuration.
  Some more welded wing flying from the dynamic duo, Hurricane and Spitfire.



I chose my new digital camera, a Nikon 5700, on the basis that it has minimal "digital lag" - the time take from pressing the shutter to capturing the image. It's amazing how difficult it still is though, that split second makes a huge amount of difference to my flying shots. No coincidence that most of my best shots were when the aircraft was on the ground.

This is one of my favourite pictures


Supermarine Spitfire XVI at full throttle
... and this is another. Not pin sharp, but then it was overhead, and very fast!

The Spitfire XVI of the Alpine fighter collection, taxiing back in at the conclusion of Saturday afternoon's display. The light is fading and it's getting cold - most punters have gone for a coffee and pie.


  Hurricane, two P-40's and a Spitfire. :-)

Two P40's, a Hurricane, and a Spitfire. :-)

Happiness is a warm V12.


Mr Jackson's gorgeous Camel dueled with the Fokker Triplane's again, as they did at the 'Classic Fighters Marlborough' airshow.


  Sopwith Camel vs Fokker Triplane

It's curtains for the Red Bladder! I mean, Baron.


There's a real aeroplane for you!


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