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Warbirds over Wanaka 2004 
Continued from Page two of Warbrids over Wanaka 2004

F4U Corsair   A genuine RNZAF fighter! This ex-RNZAF F4U was flown in the UK by the Old Flying Machine Company, lately as part of the Breightling fighters. It was imported into New Zealand by it's new owners, and will be based in, um, I think Palmerston North  



The Corsair gives the impression of being an awesomely powerful aircraft.

F4U Corsair



Whilst in the UK the Corsair had it's wingtips clipped because it was flown in FAA colours. The Hangar decks on RN aircraft carriers were lower than in the American carriers, requiring the wing tips to be clipped.

More dust about to be kicked up over my camera gear!

F4U Corsair



More dust about to be kicked up over my camera gear!

  This is the other P51-D owned by (I think) the New Zealand Warbirds syndicate.
  P-51D Miss Torque has since been sold overseas, so this is probably the last New Zealand display where we could see two Mustangs. Thanks guys, it's been a pleasure...
  Here! The NZ Warbirds Mustang is in NZ Territorial Air Force colours, red and black being the Canterbury Squadron.
  The P40's did a remarkable display too, low and fast - where a P40 performs best!
  I'm totally confused with this P40 - is this the same E model that was in the UK last year?
  This is the other P40, an early 'M' model if I recall my P40's correctly (unlikely!).
  The same P40-M as shown in the previous photo. This one's in RAAF markings.

The Catalina club's PBY. This looks like a take off shot, but there are puffs of smoke behind the main tyres (hard to see in this reduced size) so I'm picking that this is landing.

The Catalina seems so graceful and serene.

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