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Warbirds over Wanaka 2008

Hurricane scramble  

The Alpine Fighter Collection's superb Hawker Hurricane IIa scrambling, during the Airfield attack sequence. In the background can be seen the T6's, I mean Fw-190's, returning for a second pass.

I think I have used the phrase "sprightly performance" before, but it certainly fits.
Sprightly Hurricane
  Hurricane scramble

Somewhere, at an airfield in France, early 1940...
  Polikarpov I-16
Polikarpoc I-153  
Polikarpov I-153, thundering by in the beautiful Wanaka light.
Yak 3 take off. Amazing 'plane!  
Yak 3 take off
  P-51D frollicing in the mud
Dove of Peace at take off



This is the sharpest photo of the whole weekend. On the original, I can clearly read the writing on the fuselage, visible just above the gun ports. Canon 400D and Canon 70-300 IS.


  P-40 furtive frolics in the mud P-40E frolicking in the same puddles as the P-51. This time the water is avoiding the radiator and carb intakes!

The P-40E and M (I think!) - American Volunteer Group (Flying Tigers) and RAAF colours respectively.

two P40's

  P-40E take off  

The PBY got into trouble with a couple of Zero's, played by Nanchangs. They looked quite convincing once the tricycle undercarriage was up!

PBY in trouble!

  PBY in trouble Tacka-tacka-tacka....

Having escaped the clutches of the Zeros, with the help of (IIRC) a P-40, the PBY turns its attention to a Japanese submarine, which had surfaced amongst the weeds. Click on the image for a close up of the evil Sub!

Sub attack!

  T-6 an RNZAF marked T6 tucks its gear away for a quick take off.

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