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Warbirds over Wanaka 2008
Continued from Page 1 of Warbirds over Wanaka 2008

The Old Stick and Rudder Company's lovely FG-1D Corsair.







Must be take off - no flaps.

Sopwith Camel and Nieuport   This Sopwith Camel replica uses a number of original components, including the 160hp Gnome rotary engine, and (apparently) the wicker seat! It was built in 1985 and imported into New Zealand in 1997. Owned by Peter Jackson and flown by the intrepid Gene Di Marco.
Fokker Triplane and Pfalz replicas


  Nieuport 11 Bebe replica Nieuport 11 Bebe replica (I think!)
  DeHavilland DH82a Tiger Moth on short finals.
DH82a Tiger moth


  9 Moths 9 Moths of various types, evenly spaced against a typical Wanaka backdrop. They flew a couple of formation flights... just lovely!
  The delightful DH83 Fox Moth does a "wheeler".


DH83 Fox Moth
  Klemm trainer Looking very similar a Ju-87 Stuka, the Klemm trainer sneaks in over the trees - actually they were well away to the side, and the telephoto makes them look close.

The two Klemm trainers were in Swedish colours, 78 shown here rounding out. Does that make this Swedish rounding? (Groans)

Klemm trainer


  Swissair Dragon Rapide

De Havilland DH89A Dragon Rapide in Swissair colours - two names now sadly missing.


The Warbird's Association's C-47 now wears a post war RNZAF colour scheme. Always one of my favourites.

Warbirds C-47


  Beech Staggerwing

The Beech Staggerwings always do a great display, this is the american registered NC16S smoking in for a low pass.

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