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Warbirds over Wanaka 2008
Continued from Page 2 of Warbirds over Wanaka 2008

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Vampire Trainers  
The two Vampire Trainers, what style!



Aero L-39, as seen in the Bond flick "Tomorrow never dies". Hard to believe that the prototype of this modern looking aircraft first flew in 1968.

Aero L-39


  RAAF F-111 dump and burn The RAAF (bless 'em) provided the fast and sharp end of the show, displaying the dramatic fuel dump and burn of the F-111. This will probably be the last time I see the F-111 before it is retired.

I always thought the F-111 was an ugly 'plane (based on a 12 year old's perception of the Airfix kit!), but in flight it looks elegant and graceful. And doesn't show the join lines like my kit!

F-111 slow pass
F-111 dump and burn   I could watch this all day.
  The RAAF also provided the cool looking C-17 as well. Interesting that the RAAF can afford to buy these when the RAF had to lease them.


  Nieuport 11 Bebe replica It did an excellent display, surprisingly agile for such a large aircraft.
  The RNZAF C-130 got close up and personal with the crowd. I really enjoy seeing these relatively big aircraft so close to the crowd line.


  RNZAF C-130H steep climb out They're always displayed to maximum effect but I thought the 2008 demo was exceptional.
  Yes Gloria, that's the C-130 sneaking around the airfield in the river gully behind the airfield. I wish I was around there for this shot!


RNZAF C-130 down amongst the weeds
  RNZAF C-130 wheel barrow Wheel barrow!

Jurgis Kairys races some one... name escapes me... famous... in a formula 3000 racing car... anyway the audience were the winners on the day.



  Iriqoius and Bell 47

A pair of Bell 47's and a pair of Iroquois frolicked around the field, at one point they were close enough to get one of each in shot.


It's easy to discount the contribution that the venerable Bell's have made to the air force over the years, they must have trained hundreds of egg beater pilots. I think these are due to be retired soon too.

Bell 47 up close and personal


  CT4-E Airtrainer powering out of trouble. (c) 2008 Brian Greenwood

Not part of the display, but a neat RNZAF demonstration of the hazards of wake turbulence (from another airtrainer too, nothing big!). It certainly scared the bejeebers out of me!

The pilot got out of it by a measure of great flying (he's probably doing more with the rudder than the ailerons at this low speed) and I am jolly glad he did.

I've had this sequence of photos published in two flight safety mags (CAA and RNZAF) and a flight safety brochure.

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