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Warbirds over Wanaka 2010


First up we have the visiting Commemorative Air Force's genuine Mitsubishi Zero fighter. This Japanese Navy fighter became synonymous with Japanese Air Power in World War 2, even though there were many other Japanese fighters.

This light, fast, and nimble aircraft dominated the early air war in the Pacific. It was a pleasure to see a real one and get some appreciation of it's simple, elegant, clean lines.

This example was recovered from Babo in Guinea in 1991, and restored in the USA. It has been re-engined with a Pratt & Whitney R1830 instead of the original Sakai..

Sprightly Zero
  Mitsubishi Zero

The lighting at Wanaka is beautiful, the only down side is that it doesn't always favour the photographer - remember the old "sun behind your shoulder" adage?
  What a cool formation, the Deere family Spitfire IX and the CAF Mitsubishi Zero. Zero and Spitfire
Look at the width of the undercarriage on this! Seafire pilots would have been jealous!
The Deere family Spitfire IX scrambles - to commemorate and entertain.  
Spitfire take off
  Spitfire There were lots of good photo ops, thanks to an excellent and longish flying display.
  This low pass nearly took the froth off my coffee.
Spitfire IX


  Spitfire IX OK, too many Spitfire pictures. That's a joke - an impossibility.

P-51D in RNZAF Territorial Squadron markings.


  P-51D x 2 In the background is P51-D Mustang ZK-SAS "Dove of Peace". This aircraft has service history with the RAAF and is reputed to have one of the lowest airframe hours of any P51 in the world - less than 400 hours when delivered to NZ.



  2x P-40's P40-E leads RAAF P40-N (a.k.a. Kittyhawk IV). The N model, in stripped down form, reached the highest speed of any production model P40 - 380 mph or 611 kph.

The P40-E in Flying Tiger's colour scheme smoking in for a low pass through the Gold pass enclosure, about to blow away some nobby yellow caps. Nice flying!

Sharkmouth 9 o'clock low!

  2 x P-40's  

A wonderful tableau, tractor, Spitfire, and Jeep.

Spitfire Tableau!

  FG-1D The Old Stick and Rudder Company's FG-1D Corsair.

2010 saw the welcome return to the air of the Lavochkin La-9. The only airworthy example of the 4 airframes remaining.

I remember one show where the commentator speculated that it us a copy of the Fw-190. A terrible thing to say considering that this aircraft is a logical development of a line stretching back to the LaGG-1 of 1940. See HERE for more info!



I never tire of watching the graceful Catalina.


Somehow I managed to miss a lot of good shots of the Yak-3. Too fast and too manouverable?!

Yak 3

  Zero The last shot - back to the guest of honour, the CAF Zero.

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