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Warbirds over Wanaka 2012

Spitfire IXc  

We were privileged to have two Spitfire IX's this year, being the Deere family's IXc (pictured) and the Tr.9 belonging to Doug Brooker.

As you can see from the heart shaped shadow on the ground, Wanaka (and the rest of the world) loves Spitfires!

This year I managed (by good luck) to get some cracker shots (by my own standards!) of the Deere Spitfire, fast moving aeroplanes (especially propeller driven) are always a cool challenge.

Deere family Spitfire IXc
  Deere family Spitfire IX

This aircraft did a lot of display flying, giving ample opportunity to get some good photos. At 7.9 frames a second with a 16GB card!

Stupidly I packed away my telephoto lens at the end of the airshow on Sunday, only to miss some fantastic opportunities in good light as it finished off the show.

  Afternoon light, on a Spitfire at rest. SpitfireIXc
2 Spitifres, 3 seats!  

The two Spitfires recovering after a display. I'm sure the pilot's are recovering too, Saturday was very hot and dry.

Doug Booker's Tr.9 in the foreground.

Nice fly by...  
Vickers Supermarine Spitfire Tr.9 fly by
  SpitfireTr.9 And against the light...

A wonderful moment as this young man practices his display routine in front of the Alpine Fighter Collection's Hawker Hurricane IIa. For Sale. When I win the lotto, this aircraft is mine.

Nice to see it on display again, even if not flying - thanks!

Spitfire IX


  P-51D scramble P-51D "Dove of Peace" scramble. Well, take off, anyway.

P-51D fly by - fast, low, canopy towards the crowd - heartfelt thanks!.

P-51D USAAF colours, "Dove of Peace"

  RNZAF TAF P-51D Not to be outdone, the RNZAF post war Territorial Air Force coloured P-51D in a similar pose.

An nice surprise for this airshow was the re-appearance of the Grumman TBM Avenger which had been exported to Australia a decade ago. It has been bought back by the Deere family and will apparently be repainted in RNZAF markings. So this is a one off chance to see it in USN colours.

In the background is the "submarine" which it will eventually sink.

Grumman TBM Avenger

  Grumman TBM Avenger I noticed that a lot of the aircraft had the small HD sports cameras taped to strategic bits, the resulting movies were used to great effect in the official Warbirds over Wanaka 2012 DVD.

Here it is in attack mode.

Sharkmouth 9 o'clock low!

  The end of the Submarine and here's the end of the submarine, mortally wounded and sinking rapidly. Actually it fell over.

The RAAF P-40N flown by the intrepid Liz Needham at take off.



An event not seen for many years - the P-40N actually firing blank rounds from its 6 wing mounted .50 calibre machine guns.

If my junior years of reading war comics taught me anything, the whole wing should be a blaze of flame. In real life (IRL) it is almost impossible to catch more than one muzzle flash at a time.


Here' the other P-40, this time a classic 'E' model in Flying Tiger's colours.



Although a lot of the aircraft did paired displays, I found it difficult to get a good shot of the two aircraft together.


Another pleasant surprise was the addition of a second Yak 3 to the Kiwi Air Show circuit. This one was being rebuilt in Blenheim for a few years, and flew just before WoW 2012. Stunning colour scheme!

Yak 3

  Yak 3 "Red 12" The Yak 3's do a hot display, I must do some kind of photographic tribute one day. What's that about the road to my destination being paved with my intentions?

Keith Skilling and the FG-1D Corsair of the "Old Stick and Rudder Company".

FG-1D Corsair

  Corsair wing fold Clap hands!

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