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Warbirds over Wanaka 2010 page 3
Continued from Page 2 of Warbirds over Wanaka 2010

This page is dedicated to the hard working and under-appreciated RNZAF*

Copyright notice: I retain copyright on all of my images, please contact me if you would like to use them for any reason. me@brians-place.com.nospam (remove the ".nospam" suffix!)

The RNZAF UH-1H "Huey" always puts on a greet display, and the smoke effects certainly enhance it.



As I have mentioned in previous years, they're not afraid to throw this thing around.

The RNZAF has always had an excellent reputation for maintenance, these helicopters look near new.

  RNZAF UH-1H The bunny-hop maneuver, the third time I have seen this, still impresses!

One of the Air Force's new pieces of kit, the Augusta-Westland A109. This aircraft is replacing/supplementing the much loved but antediluvian Bell 47 as a training helicopter.

Augusta Westland A109 RNZAF
Augusta Westland A109 "Mako"   A very pretty helicopter, even in "corporate" gray!
  RNZN Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite, operated by 6 Squadron RNZAF. Our new build helicopters do not seem to have the same operational limitations that the refurbished SH-2G(A)'s of the RAN had.
RNZN Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite
  RNZN Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite

In May 2012 it was announced that the New Zealand Defence Force is negotiating to buy the 11 helicopters of the failed Australian project. It will be interesting to see how this progresses, and if the Kiwi's can overcome the issues experienced by the Australian Navy.

  The Red Checkers put on a good display, wonderful pilots in a good looking aircraft. Nice to see the lead Airtrainer in a commemorative colour scheme echoing the 50th Anniversary TA-4K Skyhawk of 25 years ago.
Pacific Aerospace CT/4E Airtrainer
  Pacific Aerospace CT/4E Airtrainer

Beautiful yellow aircraft against an azure blue sky,


The air was pretty still at ground level, no cooling breeze at all! Must have been bumpy further up though, but the display gave no indication of any turbulence.


RNZAF Red Checkers
  Pacific Aerospace CT/4E Airtrainer

A close up of the Airtrainer's commemorative scheme.


They announced Squadron Leader Pete Cochrane's retirement from the Air Force during his display - one of the longest serving Red Checkers I am sure. Thanks for all of the wonderful displays!

RNZAF Red Checkers
  Kiwi Blue

Talking of good Air Force displays, the Kiwi Blue parachute team jumped out of the Warbirds C-47 for the Saturday display. IIRC they used the RNZAF Hercules on the Sunday.



Kiwi Blue Parachute display team


  RNZAF Hawk?

This was a complete surprise - I didn't know we had any Hawks left in the RNZAF!


Tempting though it is to make a comment about defence cuts, this was nothing to do with our under-appreciated Armed Forces, and everything to do with the ground theatre!

  Percival Proctor 1

Talking of the ground theatre, do you know how hard it is to catch a field gun at the point of firing? I took a million photos to get one!


The P3-K Orion, always a good display.

Percival Proctor 1
  C-130 Hercules

40 Squadron RNZAF Hercules


The C-130 only displayed on the Sunday, but did the fantastic "Angel Wings" display, firing all of its defensive flares then banking away sharply. Sadly I missed the best shot, walking back from the trade stands!

Hercules "Angel Wings" display

Air New Zealand sent along its Boeing 777-300, fantastic to see such a large aircraft turning in the Clutha basin. A stunning display.


It did an excellent solo display, and then a duo with a North American Harvard of the Roaring 40's aerobatic team.

North American T6 Harvard
  Roaring Forties  

Tasty Harvard NZ1057.

North American T6 Harvard
  It's all over! Farewell Wanaka, thanks for a very enjoyable air show. See you in 2014!

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