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Classic FIghters Marlborough 2005 and 2007


This is the DH-2 replica spotted in the hangar during the 2003 airshow. It flew quite a lot in the 2005 airshow, but was safely ensconced in the Museum by 2007. Apparently it is still maintained in flying condition and relatively easy to extract from the exhibit. A really cool wee plane.

The Bristol Fighter. Biggles would have been proud!
Bristol Fighter
  Pfalz Replica The beautiful Pfalz replica from "the Blue Max" movie.
  large product photo
DH5, Brisfit, DH2, and Eiffel Tower   The DH-5, Brisfit, DH-2, and Eiffel Tower. Amazingly the DH-5 has a modern Lycoming buried in its circular cowling.
In 2007 there were no fewer than 7 Triplane replica buzzing around. Only 6 in this shot, I know.  
6 Tripes
  Triplane in trouble
Nieuport vs Triplane
  Nieuport sandwich

This Fokker D7 Replica graced the sky over Omaka. Is it the WW1 equivalent of the Me 262?

Fokker D7

  SE5A This SE5a replica has an original engine, no wonder they don't throw it around as much as the Tripes.

SE5a taxiing past the Mk V tank.

SE5a and Mk V tank

  how to exit a Mk V And this is how you exit a Mk V.

Rolls Royce armoured car. There's probably some Toyota in there somewhere.

Rolls ROyce Armoured car

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