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Classic FIghters Marlborough 2005 and 2007
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Classic FIghters Marlborough 2005 and 2007

Not a very sharp photo, but one of the best low flying displays I have ever seen. Strangely I haven't seen one this low since...


By 2007 I had upgraded to a Canon 300D and a 75-300IS Lens. It was OK, I got some reasonable photos with it once I stopped using the circular polarising filter. I ruined so many potentially good shots by using it, the 75-300 barrel rotates when focussing so the CP filter seems to stuff the focus. I have upgraded to a 70-300IS for the 2008 season.

Warbirds C-47
  Warbirnds C-47
Anybody know who the Corsair pilot is? Keith Skilling? A rather good display!

The P-40E owned by American Jerry Yagen and flown very ably by the renowned John Lamont. Beautiful flying Tiger scheme.

RNZAF C-130 Hercules
RNZAF P-3K Orion   Roaring Forties T6 on classic RNZAF Red Checker's markings.
  T6 Harvard ZK-WAR.

The Yaks and (in this case) Nanchangs were painted in Japanese markings and did a mock Pearl Harbour attack. They looked surprisingly good once the tricycle undercarriage was tucked up.

There were an awful lot of aircraft in the air, the attack sequence was bigger than the Wanaka ones.

  The RAAF sent their Caribou over, it was the first time I have seen one of these. It may be old but still very active, it has a brilliant short field demonstration. Thanks, RAAF!
  The Tiger Moth did an excellent display, as in previous years. It's hard to sound appreciative without sounding gushy. Let's just say i appreciated it!
  The freshly painted Warbirds C-47 in 1970's RNZAF colours looked very attractive, seen here with the Catalina Club's Cat in RNZAF WW1 colours.


  Two Beech Staggerwings - art deco delight.

Part of the lunch time entertainment in 2007 was a real jousting tournament. These guys really did make contact, you can see the rider on the right's lance is a lot shorter, and the pieces of the frangible end are flying through the air.


After the tournament, the riders recoverd, probably for a good stiff whisky I'd say! Maybe I should say Whiskey since I have more Irish blood in me than Scottish (nil).

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