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Classic FIghters Marlborough 2003


Here's Peter Jackson's Sopwith Camel. Such a neat wee machine, must be a real trick to fly. A genuine rotary engine so lots of power torque, no real throttle but the original cut out button on the control column to "blip" the engine off for a moment to reduce power! Makes me long for a Wolesley powered SE5A . :-) (Two years later I had my wish, thanks CFM!)

For those few of you who don't know, yes this is the same Peter Jackson who directed the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Apparently a real nice guy with some incredibly good taste in aircraft.
  Sopwith Camel There's got to be enough props (pardon the pun) for a really good WW1 movie here - anybody got a good plot?.
  Camel vs Triplane
Five Fokker Triplane Replicas… I'm still trying to understand why, but quite a wonderful thing to see. These babies have radial (Warner Scarab?) engines rather than the originals' rotary engine. Quite neat to see something with three wings, it's like watching Venetian blinds close when they turn in front of you  
All quiet on the western front
5 x Triplanes
  Triplane up close and personal

The Tripe's were noisy little beggars. One of the neat advantages of the WW1 types were that they are lower and slower than the WW2 aircraft - much more time to take photographs!

  Nieuport N.24 Replica The Warner Scarab engined Nieuport N.24 replica, just beautiful! According to the 'Classic Wings' magazine, this aircraft was one of 20 aircraft making it's public debut at this airshow. A highly recommended magazine, by the way.

Here's the beautiful Bristol F2b Fighter which is based in Omaka (Blenheim has two airfields, Omaka is the smaller grass field for recreational flyers) since 2001. You have to have a good look at this machine to understand what a quality piece of work it is. I would be amazed if they ever came out of the factory anywhere near this good!

I thought this aircraft was based on an original airframe, but apparently it is all replica. Thanks for the information, Allan!

Beautiful Bristol

  Bristol in trouble The result of an entanglement with the Triplanes.

The Mark V tank replica was built by the props guys at Weta Studios in their spare time! It's built out of wood, and based on a bulldozer - the tracks are completely real and function correctly (i.e. right over the top of the thing). It looks very real, even close up.

The Tripe swarm arouynd a Mk V tank

  Halberstadt D.IV A Halberstadt D.IV replica. And here I thought it was a Pfalz!

OK, surely this is a Pfalz? Neat lozenge camouflage anyway. Actually this is the Pfalz replica used in the 'Blue Max' movie.


  Arvo 504K Avro 504K - this didn't fly while I was there. So nice to see such a classic shape, reminded me of the old Airfix kit I had when I was a kid.
  One of my favourite aircraft has always been the DH2. This corker wee replica was sitting quietly in the hangar, glad I ventured in there. This has since begun it's test flying in New Zealand, there's a good article in 'Classic Wings' (no I don't own shares in it!) about flying this baby. DH2

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