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Classic FIghters Marlborough 2003
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Classic FIghters Marlborough 2003
Hurricane fibreglass replica  

One of the nice surprises was this fibreglass Hurricane replica. I assumed this was the one from MOTAT that I last saw in a somewhat dilapidated state, but I have since visited MOTAT and found theirs very well looked after at the top of it's pole. So where's this one from? The Hurricane's one of my favourite aeroplanes, hence my interest in a "mere" replica.

May 2004 update: Allan, the webmaster over at the official Classic Fighters Marlborough website has cleared this up. This *IS* the one I saw at MOTAT, have a look at the restoration page here! No wonder it looks so good. So that poses the question, where does the current one at MOTAT come from?


The lines aren't quite right under the nose but it needs a Vokes filter anyway. Brilliant to see, I want one in my back yard !

Apparently this is a replica built for the 1969 movie "the Battle of Britain", and was restored by locals under the leadership of Ron Fintoft.*

The desert theme was very appropriate, note the pyramid in the background (there was a pair of Sphinx's as an entrance to the gold pass area) and the desert camouflaged Ju-87B below.

*Source, issue 40 of Classic Wings magazine again

Hurricane fibreglass replica


  Ju-87 Stuka replica
While we're looking at replicas, this partially finished Ju-87B Stuka replica graced the display area. A larger aeroplane than I expected, this thing is going to look great when it's finished. The prop, lying on the ground in front, looks very convincing.

Can't wait to see the progress on this thing! (Yeah yeah, I'm a geek, never denied it). Well done to Lester Hope and his crew.

Ju-87 Stuka replica



The P-40E owned by American Jerry Yagen and flown very ably by the renowned John Lamont. Beautiful flying Tiger scheme.



  The P-40 pair flew a very tight display (as they did at Wanaka a year later).
  The P-40N in Australian markings was flown by Garth Hogan. I think he owns it too. Would love to see one of these in RNZAF markings one day. When we can sort out the controversy over the pink/red edging to the white bands.
  The Shark's teeth do make the P-40 look very aggressive.


  MOTAT's Ryan STM flown by Shane Papps. This is an extremely attractive aeroplane. The Ryan apparently escaped the Japanese advance on Dutch East India, so is kind of a genuine Warbird
  Great Tiger display, it really made me appreciate the Tiger's ability more.


  Panzer replica Despite what it looks like, under this plastic barreled replica is a Mazda family saloon - a 626 or 929 from memory!

Good pyrotechnics, the impressive Panzer replica, and some well wardrobed actors made for a fun afternoon.

Panzer replica


The late afternoon Sun, a P-51D about to start, a Nanchang on short finals, a DeHavilland Devon holding short of the runway... what more could a man want? (Food, drink, shelter, love...)


The handsome PBY Catalina sunk another imaginary submarine.

  I never tire of watching the Roaring 40's T-6 Harvard aerobatic team. Such good pilots A local firm repainted all of the Harvards in interesting colours, there were a couple of French schemes, an Italian scheme, and my old memory doesn't recall the rest.

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