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Classic FIghters Marlborough 2009
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Classic FIghters Marlborough 2009
Spitfire IX  

Star of this year's show had to be Brendan Deere's stunning Supermarine Spitfire IX. This aircraft has been lovingly restored by the Deere family and friends over many years.


It was ably displayed by both John Lanham and Keith Skilling - the better the display, the more difficult it is to photograph! Low and fast means less reaction time and more blurred photos. But please don't stop!!!.

Spitfire IX
  Spitfire IX out of the sun
One of the nice features this year was the twilight display. The colour on this photo is untouched, straight off the camera. One Spitfire, out of the sun - a Messerschmitt pilot's nightmare!

From left to right, pilot's wallet, make up, camera bag, and first aid kit (mainly band aids).

Spitfire IX at rest
RNZAF P-51D Mustang  

For some strange reason, all of my best photos seem to be of this aeroplane. Luckily it is such a beautiful one!

This one is in the markings of the Canterbury squadron of the New Zealand Territorial Air Force.

  Excellent display!!
RNZAF P51-D Mustang

Awesome... like they say, beauty is in the ear of the beer holder. Or something.

  Talking of things of beauty, here's the FG-1D Corsair belonging to the Old Stick and Rudder company (that's Rudder, not rubber!). This is an ex RNZAF service machine, with clipped wing tips as used by the UK's Fleet Arm Arm, flying in an American scheme!
RNZAF FG-1D Corsair
  RNZAF FG-1D Corsair

I'm not sure who the pilot is, but they're not afraid to through the thing around fast, at very low level.

Actually he's a little higher than he seems: this was taken from a kneeling position some way away, at a lens focal length of about 380mm. All the same: mightily impressive!

  Straight and level is a style that happens to other people! I think this is Keith Skilling showing his skills to the crowd.


RNZAF FG-1D Corsair
  Junkers Ju-87B Stuka replica

A delightful bonus this year was the return of the recently repaired Junkers Ju-87B Stuka replica. Apparently it had been blown over in a storm in 2003, everybody being too busy tying down the real aircraft and didn't get to the replica in time.

Its pretty convincing, even though there are still things to finish - exhausts, radio aerial, instrument panel, and ailerons and flaps. Well done!!


In keeping with the Italian theme, the Stuka was gradually painted in Italian colours over the course of the air show. By the final day, it was nearly finished!

Ju-87D Stuka Replica

  Ju-87D Stuka Replica

I'm told that it has been built to taxi, and there's hopes of getting it going next airshow.


The P40-E in Chinese nationalist markings always impresses.



NZ3009 is a P40-E that originally served in the RNZAF during WW2. This aircraft has been displayed in RNZAF colours in Europe as part of the Breitling Fighters team.


Playing the baddies once more, and falling prey to the Spitfire's guns was the cute Messerschmitt 108 Taifun. I'm not so keen on the looks of the lycoming engined modification, but it must make it such a practical aircraft.

Me108 Taifun

  T-6 Harvard

ex RNZAF T6-D Harvard ZK-WAR, based out of Ardmore.


The Roaring 40's team never fail to delight! (excuse the double negative).

Roaring 40's

  2xDC-3's and a Bristol Frighter

Beauties and the beast!


I can watch this thing all day.

Warbirds C-47

  Bristol Freighter

The Bristol Freighter has been restored to taxiing condition, so cool to see one of these beasts alive again. Shown here trundling past part of one of the twilight sets, a WW1 re-enactment. Anybody recognise the star constellation?


I couldn't figure out why they ran the thing up in the dark, until I examined my photos - have a look at the larger version (click on this image) and see the trail of sparks, the exhaust flame, and the lump of sparky stuff bouncing off the (dry) grass!

Bristol Freighter sparks at night

  Hurricane replica

Talking of replica's, here's the Hurricane replica outside the front of the Aviation Heritage Centre which is also on the airfield. This has to be a world class facility, the displays (by Weta Workshops of "Lord of the RIngs" fame) are first class.

This replica is one of the few... that didn't get blown up in the Battle of Britain movie.

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