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Classic FIghters Marlborough 2009
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Classic FIghters Marlborough 2009

This page is dedicated to the crew of the Red Checkers, especially Squadron Leader Peter Cochrane. Their display simply gets better and better every year.

Red Checkers CT4-E Airtrainer  

The current mount of the Red Checkers (The official RNZAF display team) is the New Zealand built CT4-E Airtrainer.

The extra horsepower over the original CT3-B's (300 vs 210?) seems to make a big difference to the display performance of the aircraft.


One of the signature displays of the Red Checkers is the mirror pair, with a third aircraft circling them.They make it look easy....

Red Checkers CT4-E Airtrainers
  Red Checkers CT4-E Airtrainer
A new manouvere for the Reds is this peel away, looks very effective.

The twilight display by the Red's on Friday evening was one of the best displays I have even seen. They had a bird strike before the display, so the pilot had to land and bring up the spare Airtainer - good planning to have one!
As a result the display was ten minutes later, it seemed very dark - and yet the display seemed flawless.

Red Checkers CT4-E Airtrainer

The guys from the parachute training school put on a great show too, jumping from the Warbirds DC-3/C-47. I don't know a lot about the parachutes but these fascinate me - they have an upper and lower surface, plus leading edge intakes to (presumably) inflate them

They look like a mattress...

  Talking of night scenes, a group of soldiers are lit up by a flare as part of the WW1 re-enactment. It was very dark before the flare went up, despite the full moon rising over the hills.

The Italian Battleship Cardboardo di Carboncopy takes a hit to the magazine during the Taranto Raid re-enactment.*

The Swordfish were represented by Tiger Moth's taxing past the crowd line, with deck handlers showing the way by torch light, Very inventive!

*with a note of respect to the servicemen and women on both sides who served their country during this action. Please excuse my attempt at humour.

  Meanwhile the Italian shore defences search the skies in vain for the attacking Swordfish. Well there was a search light here on display, anyway.

The RNZAF UH-1D Iroquois did a mock search and rescue with the infra-red and visible light search light.

  Vincent Aviation did a cool handling display in the Dash 8 (or Bombardier something or other).


  German Half-track

On the ground we had this genuine german half track, and there was a genuine 88mm Flak gun as well.


What's the joke? :-)

They do have a sense of humour!

  RAAF Caribou

Lets end on the RAAF Caribou - being returned early this year, so this is that last time I will see one. A great old bus, and a great display, Thanks to the RAAF for sending your lovely old girl over for a while.



RAAF Caribou

  RAAF Caribou

"45 Years of operations"!


All in all, another fantastic air show. A number of highlights, such as the debut of Brendan Deere's Spitfire IX, the final display of the RAAF Caribou, the Fokker D7, Be-2f, Avro 504K, The Red Checkers... and the wonderful (if COLD) twilight display on the Friday evening.


One interesting note, I read a headline somewhere (might have been one of the local newspapers?) which talked of "the romance of war". There is NO romance in war - only in nostalgia. Its important that we remember and commemorate, but not to romanticize

Thanks to all the organisers, participants, and many unpaid volunteers.

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