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Classic FIghters Marlborough 2011
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Classic FIghters Marlborough 2011
Spitfire IX  

Top of my want-to-see list was the FW-190N belonging to the Chariots of Fire Fighter Collection.


Unfortunately we got there late on Friday morning to see it taxiing in from its last flight for the weekend. Two cooling blades had come off and damaged the propeller. This awesome aircraft was static for the remainder of the air show.

Spitfire IX
  FW-190 repairs Two days later it was in the hangar getting its bits worked on.

Talking of static, the Stuka replica is looking pretty good. Still missing those exhausts though!

Spitfire IX out of the sun
RNZAF P-51D Mustang   How's this for a display - replica Stuka and Hurricane outside the fabulous Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre.
  Rebuilt by Avspecs in Auckland, we were lucky to see this beautiful P-40C before it is delivered overseas to its new owner.

Not a beautiful background in this shot (some of the vineyards in the background were beautiful) but a nice sharp photo.

RNZAF FG-1D Corsair
  ROld Stick and Rudder Compay P-40E

With 3 P-40's in attendance, the Kittyhawk/Warhawk family was well represented. Here the P-40E belonging to the Old Stick and Rudder company takes fuel.

  Two Spitfires, the Deere family Mark IX (here) and Doug Hood's Tr.9.


Deere family Spitfire IX
  The Deere family Spitfire IX

A lovely aircraft and a delight to photograph.



Deere family Spitfire IX

  Doug Booker's Spitfire Tr.9

New for me was Doug Booker's superb Spitfire Tr.9. This aircraft is in Kiwi Squadron Leader Colin Grey's scheme, when he was based in Italy. I think. Remind me to check this...



Spitfire Tr.9




Keith Skilling taxis the FG-1D Corsair in after a display. All I can say is... Thank you!

Keith Skilling

  T-6 Harvard

Keith's trademark display are very low, high speed, 'canopy-up' passes. That's why I am saying 'thank you'!


The Roaring 40's team never fail to delight! (excuse the double negative).

Roaring 40's

  2xDC-3's and a Bristol Frighter

Harvard 7660, South African colours.


NZ1015 RNZAF colours.

Warbirds C-47

  Bristol Freighter

I promise, they all missed!


Good to see the Catalina, always displayed well.

Bristol Freighter sparks at night

  Hurricane replica

Talking of replica's, here's the V2 rocket and (I believe) a real WW2 German half-track.

  The V2 was quite impressive, it had a "rocket motor" in the bottom. It looked the part during the night scene.

V2 launch

  Hurricane replica

On the last day of the show, they blew the thing up! I just missed the best shot (not expecting it and watching the pretty planes go by) but there is a spectacular photo of it in the Classic WIngs magazine report of the show,.

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