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Classic FIghters Marlborough 2011
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Classic FIghters Marlborough 2011

This page is dedicated to the UH-1H Iroquios and the crews of the RNZAF who maintain and fly them. A long serving aircraft which is entering its twilight years of service, still going strong.


The 'Huey', as it is affectionately known, is capable of a great display. Quite like the feeling of action in this one.




The Huey's played leapfrog - I can imagine how much practice went into this.

UH-1H Leapfrog!
RNZN SH-2G Seasprite  

The Navy's Kaman SH 2G Seasprite is one of the few weapons left in our armoury after the dreadful Clark years.

An extremely useful and versatile helicopter, I am curious why the RNZN are able to operate theirs off ships when the RAN couldn't. I suspect it was something to do with the flight control software in the different versions?

  2011 saw the welcome return of the BAe (BAC) Strikemaster Mark 88 to New Zealand skies. It was like seeing an old friend again - how about an A-4K Skyhawk? (Or maybe our stolen squadron of F-16's?)
ex RNZAF BAC Strikemaste mk 88
  Kiwi blue

Kiwi Blue did their polished routine on all ar show days.

  The Bristol Freighter trundled up and down, giving an opportunity to find out what shutter speeds are required to get the propeller blur into a complete arc. This one is 1/30th of a second. How do these air to air photographers do it and get sharp pictures? V2 poking up in the background.
Bristol Freighter
  ASH 25 powered Glider

Terry Delore displaying the ASH 25 glider. This thing's amazing - the engine, prop, and pylon retract leaving a very clean airframe. His unpowered low passes are a sight to behold!

  Masterchef New Zealand judge Simon Gault flew the Thunder Mustang for the show. Brilliant display of a lovely aeroplane.


Simon Gault in the Thunder Mustang
  WW1 Bus

Anyone remember the old Airfix bus kit?


This time there were TWO WW1 tank replicas. I'm told these are both new, not the same one that was here a couple of airshows ago.

WW1 British Tank

  WW1 Tanks

The one with the stack of firewood (I assume to use as a traction aid?) had trouble steering and had to be towed away by the other.


They were used to great effect during the ground performances. They impressed me so much I bought the lovely new Airfix kit of the Female Tank.

WW1 Tank

  German WW2 Tank

Wow! I'm not an AFV expert - a German WW2 Tiger tank?


A very enjoyable airshow, fantastic to have the FW 190, two Spitfires, the P40-C, Harvards, Yaks, Nangchangs, et all!

Thanks to all the organisers, participants, and many unpaid volunteers.

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