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Although my first two pets were Morris Minors, I wanted to move on to something a little quicker.  The problem was, what to replace/augment it with?  Despite the delusions of Grandeur, there is no way I will be buying and XK-150 or MkII, or even an XJ.  I couldn't even afford to lift the bonnet on one.  So it had to be something cheap, cheerful, and practical.  I was extremely lucky that a very well priced (i.e. cheap!) TR7 V8 more or less fell into my hands at the appropriate time. 

The TR7 V8 show

While the TR7 was off the road for a while, I decided to take a break and try something newer. Initial thoughts were for an MX-5 or an MR2 MkII, MG-Rover's much malaigned MGF joined the stable.

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The Morris Minor

Why a Morris Minor? Well, really I would prefer an XK-150 or Mark II Jaguar, but it was hard enough keeping a humble Minor on the road. But the Minor is a great classic car to have some fun with. It's cheap, spares are (generally) plentiful, it is well designed, and its easy to work on. Above all else, the Minor 1000 is an enjoyable car to drive.  How many cars introduced in 1948 had Rack and Pinion steering?

Click here to see the Morris Minor show...


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