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Tamiya 1/48 Lancaster Dam Buster

It builds to an impressive model of an impressive aircraft, I am sure Revell or Trumpeter will release one in this scale when I have finished the third version!

Things that need attention:

Well filled engine cowls  
This view shows the amount of filler necessary around the engines. The outer engines' diameter is too small for the spinners and looks odd without correction. I put a thin plastic washer over the end and built the putty up slowly. Seemed to work OK.



I seemed to have a lot of trouble fitting the upper turret blanking plate, maybe I had it upside down? (joke)



There are so many new techniques since I was a kid (and Dinosaurs roamed the earth). Pre-shading is great, if only I could resist putting the top coats on too thickly.

I also like the Blu-tak sausage rolls method for soft camouflage lines. On RAF aircraft the rolls are fairly fine, because the edges were formed by rubber mats at the factory and were reasonably well defined.



Now it's beginning to look like a Lanc!



  Still to do: New Props, wheels/tyres, bomb aimer's blister - the masks are still on the side windows, waiting for the first coat of gloss varnish.


  Talking of bomb aimer's blister's, this is the replacement from the Falcon vac formed RAF set. Used a circle cutter (very handy craft tool) for the mask, I also have the Paragon one for when I do the B1 Special (the Grand Slam version).
  Here it is after the Gloss varnish (actually Johnson's Klear, aka Future), transfers, and Humbrol Matt varnish. The transfers are a combination of the kit ones, and one of the excellent Techmod sets. The kit roundels are too bright and the over wing ones are too small.


  Getting there slowly - still, those props and wheels...


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  (c) Copyright Brian Greenwood 2008