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New Zealand Railway Models - S Scale (1:64 )  
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NZ Railway Models - S Scale (1:64)

JB Models Ab built as Ab608  
First model completed, the JG Models Ab class kit. I finished it (at the insistence of an elderly friend!) as Ab608, Passchendaele. Since this photo was taken, the model has been tidied up, worn paint repaired and the headstock number carefully repainted.

I took this to prove that the old girl runs, even though it was mostly glued together! My first attempt, actually it runs better than some of my later ones.

I'd recommend this kit to anyone who wants to get into NZR modelling. There's no real fish hooks, just good modelling. Make sure you fold the chassis square on any of these kits is my first advice!

JB Models Ab built as Ab608
  JG Models 1:64 Ja kit built as Ja1267 After the AB class came a Ja, which I did as Ja1267. The prototype was (IIRC) based in Dunedin and later moved the Christchurch. It survived and is currently owned by Mainline Steam. Here's an interesting link on her.

Next was a Wa class tank locomotive. These elderly but handsome locos served until near the end of steam on the West Coast. Mine's away to get professionally painted (the first time I've done this) at the moment, hence the bare metal state. It actually got dropped off a window sill by an a flat mate (hi Adam!!) but repaired surprisingly well.

JG Models 1:64 Wa kit

  JG Models 1:64 Wa kit built as Ja1267 KB Hillsborough Workshops finished the Wa for me, correcting the chassis (it didn't run particularly well) and painting it. He also added directional lighting, works great!

Plates added, only weathering to go.

JG Models 1:64 Wa kit

JG Models 1:64 Kb kit - chassis  

This is the chassis for the Kb. The Chassis was folded and soldered in 2000, but it was stored until 2012. The wheels have been quartered and fitted. The side rods have been folded, soldered, and sized to fit the axle spacing.

  The next step is building up the cylinders and valve gear, JG Models 1:64 Kb kit - chassis and cylinders
  JG Models 1:64 Kb kit - annealing the boiler

For the first time I tried to anneal the brass boiler before rolling it. Apparently it has to be red hot to really work, mine was nowhere near that. After heating it gets plunged into cold water. It seemed (from distant memory) easier to roll.

Anyone have any advice on annealing? e-mail me@brians-place.com.nospam (remove the "nospam", obviously)

  Next step, rolling the boiler. The first part of this involves placing the edge and the wooden dowel into a vice, so the edges get rolled first. JG Models 1:64 Kb kit - rolling the boiler
  JG Models 1:64 Kb kit

I'm trying to convince myself that the cab is on straight. It wasn't, so some hot water de-soldered it (all low melt solder) for another attempt.

That's the progress to date on this lovely 4-8-4 kit, Earthquake repairs to the house take precedent!

  Just to prove it's not all about locomotives, I'm working on some rolling stock too - here's a Southdock NC Timber wagon on the go. The top decking has been replaced since this photo with Evergreen Styrene card. Southdock 1:64 NC kit
  JG Models 1:64 Ab kit

A shot of the second Ab (617) getting some exercise. Kelvin Barry actually did a lot of the detail work on this one, I can't remember why. Maybe I was busy with the Wa?

It is waiting for me to fit the exhaust steam injector that I recently purchased. Note the cool dull finish from the Badger Abrasive gun, a pre-painting requirement.


Here's an animated GIF of the tender through 3 of the 5 stages (Construction, sandblasting, priming completed - painting and weathering to go).


Here's Ab 617 after a couple of coats of etch primer. After taking the photo I noticed a couple of bits where the paint was a bit thin, so it got some more after this.


Ab 617 (1:64) after painting and the start of weathering. Note to self, don't forget to add the headlamp side numbers.

This time I painted and weathered it myself, I'm reasonably pleased with the progress so far.


Fireman's side. Note the Exhaust Steam Injector, not a standard fitting on the JG Models kit.

  Finally, from the ridiculous to the sublime, here's a couple of 9mm J series locomotives on my friend's workbench. I think he was sound chipping them for the owner. Nearest is an original streamlined J, behind it a North British built Ja. Unknown 9mm J and Ja
  Unknown 9mm J and Ja

Detailed close up. I just can't warm to the headlight shape on the North British Ja's!


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  (c) Copyright Brian Greenwood 2013