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My name is Brian Greenwood.  I am Computer Administrator for an electricity company, somewhere in my 50's!

My Interests are aviation, photography, automobiles, computers, travel, and a heap of other stuff. I'm passionate about aviation and flying, own one of these, and want to build one of these. Oh, and I think that this is the single most coolest thing happening in the known universe at the moment!

In July 2001 my wife and I separated. I am still living close by and doing what I can to help them (of course!) - and they support me as well. I would like to pay tribute to my ex-wife, who is a warm, intelligent, and caring person. We still get on very well, luckily.

We must have done something right during the separation, both children seem quite happy and well. Still, it can't be easy for them. I have them to stay often (I try to do at least two evenings a week with them), usually I have one or other to stay each weekend.

After years of Microsoft courses, which give you certifications which expire, I have decided to do something a little more permanent .In 2005 I enrolled for the first course of a BSc at Canterbury University, and started learning the wonders of Java. Of course, it will take me 50 years to do a BSc in Computer Science part time, so I don't actually expect to complete it. But, like most things in life, it's the journey that is more important than the arrival.

Despite getting an A+ and a B+ for my first two courses, I struggled to find the time to do much more. From now on I will concentrate on Management and security courses.


Contact me: me@brians-place.com.nospam


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