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  ... is a sweet young lady...

...in her early twenties.  As mentioned in Sophie's story, Nicole has given us back a sense of proportion. She is an intelligent person with a wicked sense of humour (wonder where she gets that from! - *both* parents perhaps!).

This is her at four and a half, helping me decide which car to keep. Should have kept both!


  I have decided that Nickie's page should be just a brief reference plus a couple of photos. She's old enough now that she needs privacy, and can make her own web site if she ever needs one. Enjoy the pictures!

In November 2004 we visited the local beach, during a rather pretty sunset. Here's Nicole looking embarrassed at my photographic attempts!

  In April 2006 Nickie and I visited Auckland. Here's my 12 year old daughter getting friendly with the locals.





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