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Page two of my recent railway photographs
Continued from Page One

Please note: I retain copyright on all of my images, do not use these without permission.

K88, Plains Railway Museum   K88 from 1877 runs along the 3km track at the Plains Vintage Railway & Historical Museum, Ashburton. This view was taken in February 2010.
  Staying at the Plains, this is Ja1260 ready to depart.
Ja1260, Plains Railway & Historical Museum


  Ja1260, Plains Railway & Historical Museum
Ja1260 was produced in the last batch of Ja's built at Hillside Railway workshops in Dunedin. A fine looking locomotive, and a greyhound of the narrow gauge.

Ja1260 doesn't really get a chance to stretch the legs, but still puts on a good display.

Ja1260, Plains Railway & Historical Museum
DX5448 in the snow, Kaiapoi   Taking a break from restored steam, here's the second Coastal Pacific to run after the tragic Canterbury Earthquakes in February 2011. This is the snow fall of August 2011, I was out for a walk and ran like crazy (hard to do in 15cm of snow and gumboots!) when I heard the train coming. The camera was on completely the wrong settings but I was lucky to get an interesting sequence. This one made it on to the cover of the september issue of NZ Railfan. DX5448.
  The Coastal Pacific in warmer times... DCP4559 disturbing the birds in January 2012.



Please note: I retain copyright on all of my images, do not use these without permission.

DXB5166   DXB5166 heads a northbound freight through Kaiapoi at dusk, January 2012.
  South of Queentstown is the magical world of the Kingston Flyer. Now running again after a 2 year closure (written 2012), this view of Ab778 was taken in October 2007.
Ab778, Kingston, New Zealand
  Ab778, Kingston, New Zealand

Coaling Ab778. We used to be able to wander around the depot (a real time warp, an absolute pleasure) but these days it seems to be closed to the public. Fair enough, some idiot (possibly me) would have fallen into the turntable pit at some point.


Ab778 on the afore-mentioned turntable.

Ab778, Kingston, New Zealand
Ab778, Kingston, New Zealand   Ab778 again, April 2012 after the re-opening. It always seems to be 778 operating while I am there.



The 14km line runs to Fairlight, where there is a turning triangle for the Ab. The other locomotive available to the Kingston Flyer is Ab795, which has a G type tender.

The food in the cafe at the Kingston end is recommended.

Ab778, Kingston, New Zealand

Please note: I retain copyright on all of my images, do not use these without permission.

Ab778, Kingston, New Zealand   Ab778 leaves a steaming pile of loco doodies behind it. For some reason this reminded me of the elephants in Chang Mai.
  One last glimpse of the depot in the afternoon light... lovely!
Ab778, Kingston, New Zealand
  A428, Weka Pass Railway

Moving up to The Weka Pass Railway, A 428 is seen between Waipara and the terminus at Waikari. It passes some geological significant formations.


A428 on the turntable at Waikari. The Weka Pass Railway is a fantastic organisation, they've rebuilt the line to Waikari, installed the turntable and a station at both ends. This, on top of restoring and running a steam loco and a number of diesels.

A428, Weka Pass Railway
Christchurch Restaurant Tram  

A pre earthquake view of the Restaurant tram westbound along Worcester Street in Christchurch. Since this view was taken the series of earthquakes have destroyed the Cathedral and the movie theatre (dome to the right of the Cathedral), and the hotel on the right is being demolished.


Rangiora Railway Station in the snow, July 2011.

Rangiora RailwayStation in the snow, July 2011

Please note: I retain copyright on all of my images, do not use these without permission.

Ab699, Pleasant Point  

In mid October 2012 I spent a very pleasant day at Pleasant Point, crawling over and photographing Ab699. Since Ab608 Passchendaele has moved from Ferrymead, this is my closest Ab - and it has an Exhaust Steam Injector.

I will explain my fascination with E.S.I.'s on Ab's when (if) I make my AB page.



The driver (who's name I forgot to ask) showed me the controls and operation of the Exhaust Steam Injector - very simple. A lever to turn the steam on, and a valve to turn the water on - then just watch the water levels rise in the boiler.

It's a lovely place to visit and some great scenes to record: highly recommended.

Also recommended: The Custard Squares in the cafe behind the station, no wonder they won 'best in NZ'!

NZR Locomotive Ww491, MOTAT, Auckland
unrestored 47 1/2' Coach, Plains   Final photo - an unrestored 47 1/2' Coach at the Plains Railway & Historic Museum, Ashburton. Dedicated to all railway restorers everywhere, showing the source material!

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