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Blackball and Roa  
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Some of the images can be clicked on to enlarge.  Click here for the South Island map.
I have joined these two locations on one page because, well, I felt like it.  And they both start with 'R'.
  Not part of the Ghost Railway really, but the Blackball Hilton is world famous... in New Zealand at least (local joke: don't worry if you don't get it!). Apparently this place ROCKS at times, we missed the 2003/2004 New Year's Eve party by one day.
  This is the former Mine Manager's house, now a Community Centre.
Former Mine Manager's house, Blackball, New Zealand
  Mine ventilation chimneys, Roa, NZ
When departing Blackball for Roa, the second thing you will see, after some concrete bins, are these ventilation chimneys from the first mine which (If I understand the Ghost Railways book correctly) closed in 1938.
Same area.

  Old Railway bridge further along the road we can see the remains of a rail bridge in the bush.


  It's pretty overgrown in here. It's nice to have a look around but not exactly inviting!
  abandoned tracks, Roa, New Zealand Railway tracks embedded in the ground, lead off the viaduct above to the Paproa Mine .



Concrete bins at the end of the public road. The track on the left lead up to the current mines. If you get to this bit and haven't seen the viaduct, backtrack and take the first road on the right.

As I mentioned in the Introduction, this isn't my favourite trip! It was hot, dusty, and very overgrown. Blackball's worth a visit, however, and if you're in the area, you might as well have a look.

some boring concrete bins

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