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Some of the images can be clicked on to enlarge.  Click here for the South Island map.
I have joined these two locations on one page because, well, I felt like it.  And they both start with 'R'.
Branxholme Railway bridge   This is the railway bridge, I am guessing that the actual dump was in the centre of this picture, the bank just beyond the bridge would need the most protection from erosion. It's quite a pretty area on such a hot summer's day.
  This is a closer look at the bank, you can see the work that has gone in to protecting this area. I tried to have a look around but the scrub was quite thick and I didn't fancy trail-blazing through it.
Is this the branxholme loco dump?
  The building hiding in the trees is a local council operation. I'm wondering if one could get permission to have a look around the back yard...?!
The other possibility is that the locos were dumped on the western side. This view is looking down onto the area, but I didn't want to cross the railway bridge to have a good look around. Looking at some of the photos on the 'net of locos being removed, this could be the area. Have a look at Tony Batchelor's site (thanks to Whitebus productions for the link).

Is this the Branxholme loco dump?

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