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I have joined these two locations on one page because, well, I felt like it.  And they both start with 'R'.

Cape Foulwind was a quarry, the railway line was built to bring the rock through to Westport. Now it's an excellent coastal walk and a Seal Colony. This would be high on my list of "must see's", after Denniston and maybe Seddonville. It's close to Westport too, although you would want to be vaguely fit to complete it. The weather was heavy overcast with the occasional light shower when we visited, but a great trip all the same. .

Coastal view, Cape Foulwind   This is the view back to the car park, from about five minutes into the track. You can see what sort of day it as, but surprisingly warm (late December).

Over the hill past the small light house, and into the next bay. You can see the 'shelf' just above the beach where the railway ran. No sign of it now. There is a tunnel just around the corner in the distance, apparently.

Coastal view, Cape Foulwind
  Railway cutting, Cape Foulwind Looking back from the above photo (well OK we have walked a little further) we can easily see the cutting made to get the line around that sharp corner. This must have been a magic little line to see in operation.
The seal colony. Didn't hear "Crazy" or "Kiss from a Rose" the whole time...

Cape Foulwind Seal Colony

  Seal and his band About half way along you encounter the tunnel. The fauna around this area (especially the mosses and ferns) is worth the trip by itself.


  had to ask where the tunnel was - when the guy pointed out the formation leading into the hill I was a little embarrassed... he also told me how to get down to the other end of the tunnel (still open) but all I could see was near vertical plummets over the cliffs - buggered if I could see any track! Take a Helicopter with you. .
Spot the tunnel
  Cape Foulwind Walkway map

Cape Foulwind Walkway map.

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