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Some of the images can be clicked on to enlarge.  Click here for the South Island map.
I have joined these two locations on one page because, well, I felt like it.  And they both start with 'R'.
I discovered that I had accidentally overlapped two photo's so have scanned them together (excuse the poor join!).  This is the view at what I thought was the end of the line.  It's more or less as far as you can go on the southern side of the valley.  You can see the railway lines in the mud  and the flat mine vehicle parked to the right.  This mud isn't the usual recipe of dirt and water, it's coal dust and water - and it stains! 

Just above young Ricki's head, and slightly to the right, is a unassuming mound of grass covered dirt.  Embedded in this is a lot of building debris, including many bricks and bathroom tiles.  I presume that this is the remains of the bath house and the caretaker's house.  I think that the major debris that can be seen here is the remains of the station.

We decided to cross the stream just over the over side of the debris.  I'm glad we did!

F13 at Ferrymead   I was running out of film and didn't take as many photo's as I should have.  B**ger!  Anyway, these four 'Q' wagons (one split in two and obscured) littered the edge of the Northern valley slope.  Just behind us at this point were at least a couple of abandoned mine entrances, with danger signs warning of dire consequences if entered.  These included the presence of mine gas.  Apparently.
  I like these things.  There were in surprising good condition for something that hadn't been touched in over a decade.  Note the old rails stacked up behind them.
  Ja1250 and J1211 crossing Rough Creek, Arthur's Pass, New Zealand
This L class wagon was complete but half buried.
Here's R28 in the park at Reefton.  The colour scheme looks good in the photo and is  an approximation of the early NZR scheme.  This is a brilliant looking wee loco, it was used as a "Bush lokey" in it's later years on a Sawmill tramway.  We are extremely lucky that it survived, a big thanks for those who had the foresight to rescue it. 

J1211 at Rolleston

  Ka942 over Kowhai viaduct A pile of railway irons and sleepers, just to prove that the track got this far round the valley past the station.

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