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The NZR Ab Class Locomotive - my tribute to one of the World's greatest!

NZR Ab Class References - trying to locate a photo of a specific Ab? This may help.

My Railway Photographs Page one (NEW September 2012)

My Railway Photographs Page two

AM Greenwood Railway Photography

Local Museums

  1. Introduction (includes map)
  2. Ross and Reefton
  3. The Conns Creek Branch and the Denniston Incline
  4. The Rewanui Incline
  5. The Nelson Section
  6. The Seddonville Section
  7. Cape Foulwind Railway
  8. The Blackball Branch
  9. Otago Central Railway *NEW October 2005
  10. Roxburgh Branch *NEW October 2005
  11. Catlins Branch *NEW October 2005
  12. Waikaka Branch *NEW October 2005
  13. Branxholme Loco dump *NEW October 2005

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